About Us

Jamal Waheed

When i was a kid i would walk in a big cooperation with 250+ employees and many questions would run through my head. how is all of this managed properly? how much money do they make? What separates the best from the rest? This is how i knew i have a passion for businesses. At the beginning of my journey, i did not know how to run a business. and was taken advantage of in the marketplace because of my poor knowledge. on some businesses i made money, which i reinvested to develop my knowledge. but i also lost money and learned much more from my failures. starting many businesses and being around the right business people i started to acquire the core skills in managing businesses, which now i would like to share in the middle-east region. in my experience and the businesses i have already worked with so far. many businesses in the middle-east region can easily achieve the a million dollar a year mark in different business sectors but are missing some core components that are limiting them to grow.

Over 5 years into business: After reading hundreds of business books, buying very expensive courses, and spending thousands of hours in online courses. and most importantly, networking with the top-achievers in the field i now can be called an expert, i have direct access to 50+ business owners all making from $100k/year to 120million/year.

Our Mission

"When business owners have a business that is built on strong foundation by applying different skill sets and work ethic. so that business owners can enjoy their lives"

Our offer to the industry

We aim to continuously improve our offers and frameworks so that we give the most value to our clients all while having them pay less. Enhancing our offer and improving our services are a priority so that we can always provide more value to our clients.

Core Beliefs

Do the hard work

Be your own boss

Do the basics

Simplicity is beauty

Be adaptable

Grow or die